Our Hearing Tests

The Audiologist will start with the case history. A better understanding of your needs and concerns will help us to make the best recommendations based upon your individual needs. She will then perform a hearing test. A hearing test takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The hearing test is followed by a consultation session. We will explain the results of the hearing test and how they relate to the hearing difficulties you are experiencing. This will enable you to make hearing care choices that best meet your needs.

How we perform Hearing tests:
Diagnostic comprehensive tests are done in a sound proof booth to assess the following:
-Degree of hearing loss.
-Type of hearing loss.
-Possible management options, intervention options and need for further referrals.

ABR (auditory brainstem response) diagnostic and audiological testing is available at Waterfall HEARCARE PLUS.

ABR tests use highly specialised equipment to determine the response of the brainstem to sound. These tests are especially used with babies and small children to obtain a formal diagnosis if hearing loss is suspected. 

Waterfall HEARCARE PLUS is equipped with highly specialised tests that assess the vestibular system in the inner ear and how it coordinates with the eyes and the brain for balance.

The following tests are available at Waterfall HEARCARE PLUS to assess the vestibular system:

  • VNG (videonystagmography)
  • Calorics
  • VEMPs (vestibular evoked myogenic potentials)
  • ECoghG (electrocochleography)

The tests take approximately 2 hours and can give information on the vestibular system and its coordination with the brain and the eyes. The tests can help to determine whether the dizziness has a possible peripheral origin (i.e. the ears) or a central origin (i.e. the brain), and can also help to determine which side is affected - left or right.

Appointments for the tests are generally made at least 2 days in advance as there are instructions that must be followed from 2 days before the test. We send an instruction sheet once the appointment has been made detailing the test and explaining certain medications and substances that cannot be taken before the test.

Hearing tests for babies and Children

  • New-born hearing screenings are offered. Babies can be tested as early as 48 hours after birth.
  • Otoacoustic Emmisions (OAE's) are a fast and effective non-invasive non-painful way to determine the status of the cochlea.
  • Automated Auditory Brainstem Response testing is used to screen the hearing pathway including the auditory nerve.
  • From approximately 3 years old behavioural response to sound can be measured through play audiometry.
  • For children who are too young or who are unable to respond reliably to a behavioural audiology test an objective test called an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test can be conducted.
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