HEARCARE PLUS can conduct the annual hearing screening tests at your child's school. Annual hearing screening tests are important to determine the health and hearing status of your child's ears. Annual hearing screenings are important as children between 0-6 years are prone to middle ear infections due to anatomical immaturity of the middle ear system. The testing involves a short evaluation to determine whether any hearing difficulties occur or whether signs of middle ear infections are present, necessitating a recommendation for a complete evaluation. Referrals can also be made to other related professionals if necessary. Early identification and treatment of any hearing or ear related difficulty is vitally important in order to prevent speech, language and learning disabilities.

The hearing screening will comprise of a visual inspection of the outer ear, an assessment of the middle ear (in order to detect ear infections) as well as Otoacoustic Emission Testing (OAE) for children under 4 years old and pure tone audiology screening for 4 years and up.

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