Trouble Shooting Scenarios

  • Make sure that the hearing aid is switched on.If there is a volume control, make sure it is turned loud enough for you to hear.
  • Check the battery—is it working? Is the battery in place, the positive (+) sign facing up?
  • Check the tubing- is it blocked with wax? Clean or replace the tubing.
  • Check the receiver opening and any vent openings and make sure they are not blocked with wax or other debris. If blocked, replace the wax guard.
  • Check to see if the tubing is still connected properly and that it is not bent or twisted.
  • Check to see if the microphone opening is not blocked. If it is, use the brush in your tool kit to clean away any debris.

  • Check the tubing for moisture. If moisture is present, remove with an air blower.
  • Check the tubing for cracks or holes. If you see any, call your audiologist.
  • Replace the battery because it may be weak or defective.
  • If there are cords connecting to the hearing aid or other hearing assistive device, check for cracks and replace the cord if necessary.

  • Check that the volume is not turned up too high.
  • Be sure the instrument or earmould/ dome is seated snuggly in the ear.
  • Make sure the microphone is not covered by an object such as a hat, scarf, or collar.
  • Have your audiologist or doctor look in your ear canals and check for excessive wax.

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